Update blocked - server address needed?

Hi all. i have upgraded my firewall to an enterprise product (Sophos XG) which I need to add an exception to allow Zwift to update. This is not a port exception in windows firewall. I need to know the web address (eg. zwift.com) for the update servers? Can anyone provide this?
I know this is the issue as I can run the update when I hotspot to the phone connection, so its not windows firewall.
Also, I can open the zwift app normally, its just the update process causing problems.

Hi @Paul_Clift

The domain to whitelist is just *.zwift.com
You may have to open ports to solve this. Please see this support article for the specific UDP and TCP port numbers.

Would you loop back and let us know if this worked for you?

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Thanks. I have added this exception rule so I’ll let you know what happens next time it tries to update.

Just letting you know that this whitelist address worked with the latest update. Thanks.

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