Error Code Z-32 on Windows 10

I get the following error when it tries to update today. Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042
fully patched. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I ran the installer as admin. I also ran the app as admin received the same error.

Any ideas? I was running good until today.

Try temporarily using a different internet connection (say hotspot from your phone, using the mobile network).

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i am at the house with solid cable internet.

Irreverent, your ISP could be having routing issues or a port is being blocked somewhere.

BTW, that is very subjective.

Sure that is possible what ports are needed to what destinations?

Did you try it?


same error. and posting this from that other network.

No other ideas then I’m afraid. As I understand it those errors come up when the downloaded files fail an integrity check during the patch attempt. That’s why using a different network (assuming you did a full reinstall, including deleting the correct folders/cache and rebooted after uninstalling) can sort it out. I’ve never had a patching error myself.

this is the first for me a well

Well just for the ■■■■ of it i rebooted again and it sure looks like it already updated even though it gave that error. Pretty weird, but back good now.