Feb Update - Will Not Run, Check Internet Connection

Just downloaded the Feb update and logged in, but the new app will not run. It tells me my login is wrong, then will not accept my re-entered credentials, telling me the check internet connection. Triple checked my user and password is right and I deffo have internet connection cos i’m working from home and did a speedtest to check. Is this a known bug with Windows app??

Tim is it a work computer that maybe has a VPN or some security built in?

Hi, yep its a work computer, which has worked fine on previous versions of Zwift. Work recently changed from Sophos to Netskope security, so maybe it’s that?

I would explore that a little bit. I know others with work computers have experienced various issues. If you can try to login on your phone as a test that may shed some light on where the issue might be.

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OK worked on this more with support and it’s a bug, not my internet or security settings. They said a bug fix will come for this issue. So I sit here in the meantime not being able to login to Zwift via Windows app, while I still pay for subscription. Great.

We also switched to Netskope recently which broke my Zwifting. I was able to eventually close the Netskope processes as my workaround. I now use a different boot image of Windows, without Netskope, to run zwift.

Hey Tim, did you ever solve this? I’m also running Netskope and am having the same issue