Port Forwarding or Port Triggers

(Monty Stanley - 3 Feet CC ODZ (C)) #1

Has anyone tried Port Forwarding or using Port Triggers with Zwift to bypass their routers NAT?

Just wondering as I have had the disppearing rider and rider list bug for awhile. Put in a few tickets already.

Running a ethernet connection, Dell LT with i5 and Intel HD Graphics, and Zwift is cleared through LT Firewall. Turning off my routers Firewall doesn’t help either.

My ISP pushed a All-In-One Modem/wifi Router/DVR/Entertainment Box on us which I believe might be the problem. The modem is internally wired to the router, so no direct modem connection is possible. This box also controls all of the TV boxes in the house, so I can’t bridge the router.

Thinking if I reserve ports for Zwift through the router I might cure my problem but I don’t know. I also don’t know what ports, port range and protocal to use either.

(Henrik Johansson (Sz) #2

I have tje same problem. wich ports do i need to open?

(Monty Stanley - 3 Feet CC ODZ (C)) #3

Henrick, I tried Port Forwarding (virtual server) & Port Triggers and it didn’t help. I don’t remember which ports I tried but have nots at home. Also right now my Zwift PC doesn’t run through my routers firewall, don’t remember what the function is called.

Haven’t tried Zwift yet but just disabled my routers QOS function which was giving bandwidth priority to Voice, Video, Best Effort, then Background. Also my ISP boosted my internet connection from 18 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Will try Zwift out after work today and see if anything changed. 

My ISP is going to give me a dedicated internet connection and modem so my internet doesn’t use the Media Gateway if the speed boost doesn’t help. 

My problems all started when my system was changed. 

(Henrik Johansson (Sz) #4

My zwift works fine but i can´t pair my computer with my iphone. my iphone app only says remote access. I am connected to same wifi but i still doesn´t work. 


(Monty Stanley - 3 Feet CC ODZ (C)) #5

Are your phone and PC  using the same wifi frequency? I think I remember some posts about if your phone was on 5mhz and pc on 2.4mhz the two won’t pair or different wifi channels?