Are there any updates from Zwift HQ on the following possible changes?

If so, please point me in the direction of them if you can as may have missed them…

I get that some things were put on hold because of the need to scale up capacity / infrastructure with the new influx of users as a result of Covid, but then they released steering which must have sucked up loads of dev time / resources. It likely will be the future of things, but I would guess take up has been pretty low looking at the general feedback.

What’s going on with the following (in my priority order) and are they likely to be fixed this ‘Zwift season’?

  1. Anti-sandbagging in racing - when is this coming out of Beta and are there any changes to the Beta? It’s been 7 or 8 months I think, and it’s felt like it’s been much worse in recent times. It really undermines any credibility in Zwift racing for non Zwifting cyclists.
  2. Club functionality / event organising - there was chat this was going to be the game changer when the full fat version was rolled out. As far as I understand, event organising is still done by just emailing ZHQ?
  3. Customisable UI - surely a fairly easy one, as all the data is there already.
  4. Exiting Zwift in order to do something different (oldie but a goodie).
  5. Being able to change stuff like volume from the main menu before entering the game - why isn’t this possible?



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