Are the Pace Partners getting faster

I’ve done the same two lap spin with the B bot through Titans Grove a number of times now, and I’m finding that every time, except one, I’ve set a new PB in Strava, and not by a small amount (nearly 1.5mins over 29mins).

At first I thought maybe the peloton has grown and so the bot is travelling faster for the same 3.2wkg power, but I’ve noticed my power is going up largely inline with the times. Then I thought maybe my calibration is drifting (even though I calibrate as recommended), however while that would make it easier for my legs, it wouldn’t make me, let alone B bot, faster. I stay within a couple of seconds of the bot throughout, so I’m not going off the front here either.

Here are the times and power from Strava, how can it vary this much??

|1| 22 Jan 2021 28:02 42.5km/h 229W
|2| 16 Dec 2020 28:27 41.8km/h 217W
|3| 15 Dec 2020 28:37 41.6km/h 226W
|4| 18 Dec 2020 28:46 41.4km/h 223W
|5| 6 Nov 2020 28:48 41.3km/h 217W
|6| 31 Oct 2020 29:19 40.6km/h 213W

I’m doing the same thing.
I hope it means we are getting faster.
My recorded ftp went up and I PR’d as well.
I thought it was a peleton affect.
I’m told the bots draft too.

Peloton/draft effects!

The problem I have with it being the draft, though I agree it probably has to be the explanation, is that I wouldn’t say the group yesterday was any bigger, I also spent the day hiding in the wheels because it was at the end of three long days and I was hoping to stay in z2. Why would my effort be 16w harder, that’s solidly in z3 for me, I’m subject to the same draft. I know on other days I’ve ridden on the front of this group when my training objectives called for riding harder, but I avoided that yesterday.

I’m in a different class than you.
These rides are almost all Zone 4 for me.

I find the hardest way for me to ride with Brevet is by trying to stay in his draft on Titans Grove.
If I am with him at the sprint point, I will get dropped on the down hill.
Riding WITH Brevet means there no rest on the down hill.
I try to get ahead on the up hills and rest a bit down hill then jump on the draft.

That demonstrates what I fear I’m doing.
I hope I’m getting in better shape but I may just be learning how to apply myself more effectively on a specific course.
I hope Brevet stays on this route because I like it for one of my hard days.
It’s funny, I may be next to you and it’s your easy day!

It’s all good, we’re all at different stage of things, I’ve probably added 50 watts since the late summer when I went from semi regular riding all my life to 10hrs a week of structured training. But there’s still plenty I look at who put me in the same position, officially I’m catA but get my backside handed to me every time I enter a race, it’s humbling!

For sure Brevet is quick downhill, I think he’s relatively heavy. It makes me laugh when his hard coded message comes through saying to cruise the downhills if your knackered, that’s when he ‘attacks’ with his fixed power and extra weight!