Are rides getting harder

I have noticed in the last couple weeks I’m having to push harder to stay with rides that I’ve done many times. The fact that I’m doing pb’s on moderate rides shows that my output has increased to stay with rides that I participate in on a regular basis. Other riders state they are in the blue graph area where mine is showing yellow/orange. Has zwift adjusted power outputs for heavier riders, I weigh 157kg, or am I missing something.

Oops wrong weight should be 57 kg, would have looked like Michelin man

did you change your bike to a TT bike, because the TT bike can’t draft and that will make for a hard group ride.

No never used a tt bike, these are rides I’ve done before so I can go back and compare, todays ride we averaged over 25 mph which was quicker than before and the last couple of laps I slowed down and still clocked up 7 pbs for a course I’ve done many times.

Are the new personal bests in Zwift or in Strava? or another fitness app? Zwift only stores your best times for 30 days. If a previous best time dropped off because of the time frame, you may just be seeing a similar best time re-recorded.

If your seeing faster times in Strava, then you really are riding faster and you should disregard my comments.

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You have to look at your watts. If your watts are higher, than you have improved your fitness.Almost all records (courses and climbs) are being broken by racers because of the new ‘Double Draft’. It has become mostly impossible to ride a record pace solo, even on a time trial bike.

I came here to look for the same answer. The last 2 weeks I have been not generating the Watt average I have been used to putting out. I wondered if there was some update to the formula for non smart trainers or something.

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Everyone goes through ups and downs. Wheel on trainers can sometimes vary from tire pressure, temperature, length of warmup, or tire slippage. Keep your tire and contact roller clean. Do a sprint to check for any slipping, esp if you wear headphones while riding.

I’d put money on this explanation.

I can’t believe that Zwift still doesn’t store our all-time PBs. Kind of embarrassing when the 30 day limit for a PB rolls over, and I get new new “PB” complete with the confetti on a sector while riding very slowly on a recovery day.

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Use Strava for pr’s. It’s bettering in one sense by showing your watts in that lap/section. Pr’s change by ride, time trial, or drafting in race.
Hopefully ghost rider will be selective. Not sure if it will be 2019 or next year.