April update breaks ability to turn off steering

Having updated to 1.0.67624 it is no longer possible to disable steering when using a Wahoo KICKR bike.

Even when “disabling” the feature from the pairing screen it remains enabled. The “Riders Nearby” list continues to show the steering wheel icon, the buttons on the KICKR continue to move the avatar and the game still prompts for feedback when ending the ride. This is a particular nuisance as I have found when this feature is enabled it causes a delay in Zwift receiving data from a Wahoo TICKR HRM. I have ZwiftPower dual recording analysis that demonstrates the offset in HR data, but the forums don’t let me include links :cry:

In this scenario the KICKR bike as power source, cadence source, and controllable trainer were connected over native Bluetooth, as was the Wahoo TICKR in the link for the analysis. I’m guessing the relevant lines from the log are:

[7:59:48] STEERING : PairingScreen: Steering DISABLED

[7:59:49] FPS 73, 87583, 11796, 206988

[7:59:50] Setting sport to CYCLING

[7:59:50] STEERING : Steering Mode Set to: OnRoad Digital

(I would have just attached the log, but can’t see where to do that!)

I’ve got a similar problem: When I’m in a group ride or race that doesn’t have steering enabled (nearly all of them but that’s a completely different problem being COMPLETELY IGNORED BY ZwiftHQ) and I don’t turn off steering before the event, my Wahoo HRM gets unpaired about two minutes after the start. If this happens in a race, I’ll get DQ’d for not having an HRM.

Another lovely Easter Egg in the April Bugdate.

Please keep the steering issues to this thread for now: Steering mode stopped working [v1.12.0] [April 2021] [SOLVED]

Ride On!

Closing this thread.

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