April Update Coming Up?

Judging by this week’s World of Zwift, we’re getting “Hide the display mode” to turn off the HUD.



I like this. Especially adding a keyboard shortcut, and allowing disabling of the prompts (Pace Partner survey thing needs this!).


I’d like to be able to select what is hidden though, but I guess that woul dbe asking too much

Sorry you took it that way Enzo. I have no idea how big or small the running community is on Zwift. Some of my best friends run on Zwift and I would NEVER ridicule them for running indoors! The entire post was merely meant to highlight the lighter side of Zwift Bugdates. Or something like that.

I find it pretty ridiculous that we get things like different color shoes when there are so many issues that are screaming for attention. And we get those things in an update that may break more things than it fixes; this has happened. For instance here are a few things that worked before a Bugdate and don’t:

  1. Event chat is still broken after it was effed up during, I think, the January Bugdate. There’s been a HUGE outcry about this one and at least one of the ensuing Bugdates was supposed to address it and that “fix” actually broke it more with an instacrash when you posted a message of more than 150 characters (although, I’m wondering how anybody posts a message that long; I don’t have that many brain cells available during my Zwift sessions.)
  2. The Fence is still spotty after a year of fooling around.
  3. The leaderboard is still unreliable after, I think, the September '19 Bugdate.
  4. London gradient is still completely fouled up. I think that was early last year before we started losing confidence in ZwiftHQ’s ability to keep up.
    I’m sure there’s more but you get the gist.

So I wonder what’s going to go south after the upcoming Bugdate.


Another thing I like about the HUD toggle aside from racing (er, the less said about that the better…) is the difference in psychology when it comes to sprints and KOMs. I’m sure many people perform better when knowing exactly what their time is going to be or what their speed is, but there will probably be others who do better when the data isn’t visible and they just go their hardest. There are definitely times when I don’t want to know how long I have left on a climb. :rofl:


When I’m doing a “just ride” it’ll be nice to more often ride “on feel”. Like my head unit on my bike, the Companion app (or my head unit…) can show me the data, but it’s not as “in my face” as having it on screen.

And not having “Riders nearby” and the segment popups etc. will be nice.

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Yeah, Wes said in World of Zwift that it would be coming in the next release(most likely this week)

This is where we came in. :smiley:

Here’s the rundown of what’s getting fixed in today’s Bugdate: Zwift Update Version 1.12.0 (67624) Released | Zwift Insider

Bug Fixes and Misc Improvements

Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated.
Fixed an issue with some road decals going missing in Watopia and London.
Added the AMD Radeon RX 6800 series to the list of 4k compatible video cards.
Added a retry function for PC and Mac when saving your activity fails for some reason.
Created a new workout category for running named Distance Based workouts.
Fixed a bug that would cause trainer difficulty to fail to reset after participating in an event with a minimum trainer difficulty value set.
Fixed a bug that would cause steering to be disabled in events with the steering only value set.
Fixed a bug that would cause the Wattbike gear display to show the wrong gear.
Fixed a bug with Pace Partner UI where the wrong route would be shown.
Fixed a bug with the Steering pairing UI where it would appear to be paired after unpairing a smart bike.
Fixed a bug that would cause riders in Richmond to go off road.
Fixed a bug that would cause some player names to appear as NVALID.
Fixed a bug where the steering rating prompt would not appear for new riders on iOS and Android.
Fixed a bug where the Join Event button would not appear for some users when joining a steering only event without a steering device connected.
Fixed a bug where riders in the event paddock would slide backwards.
Fixed a bug that would cause small groups to move erratically in group workouts.
Fixed a typo in the Resume Activity UI.
Fixed a bug that would cause some UI to appear behind the home screen when returning to home while fanviewing another Zwifter.
Fixed a bug causing some buttons to overlap in the End Activity screen.
Fixed a bug with the navigation UI when following a Pace Partner.
Fixed a bug that would cause screenshots from a previous activity to appear in the End Activity screen for your next activity.
Fixed a bug that would cause Meetup tiles in the Home screen to be shorter than they should be.
Fixed some typos in the TT Tune Up workouts.
Fixed a bug that would cause some riders to crash when crossing the finish line in Zwift Racing League events.

Obviously it remains to be seen what gets unfixed with this Bugdate. Film at eleven…



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Easter Egg #1a:

Easter Egg #2:

In fairness I moaned about the launcher performance months ago, the difference with this new update is that they’re enforcing installation. Well, trying to.

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I guess I’ll see about the forced installation part of this on the weekend. Film at eleven.

Likewise.If I’m doing a TT or a 20:00 power test I really do not need to know I’ve got another 18 minutes of misery ahead of me! :grinning:


Agreed. You can choose to not look down at your head unit, but there is no way you can ignore that data when it is front and centre on-screen. I turned off the HUD and put the camera into first person on a recovery ride this morning, and it was surprisingly immersive.


I did it on my ToW Stage 5 ride today. Was nice not worrying too much about who might be catching me from behind and watching their w/kg. :smiley:


Might be quite cool to have some races where you have to race in first person, then controls to look left, look right etc so situational awareness becomes a much bigger deal. :bulb:

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works on apple tv via ice on map page of companion app