April Fools Day 2022 Zwift

Why not an option to participate if you want to?

Oh wait thats what they did.

Sorry for the convenience?

You sound pleased. :thinking:

Oh, wait, now I get it.

That does make you a small minority on Zwift. :rofl:

They gave people an option and you guys still ■■■■■ about it.

Is anyone ever happy?

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I’m pretty happy, but I’m a small minority myself. :smiley:

(The real tradition here is the moaning about the silent majority that has been wronged.)

Imagine if, last year, instead of everyone being put on trikes automatically they were selectable in the garage (or this year you could select the giant head in character customisation).

You log into Zwift on 1st April and everything seems fine. Then you see something odd, it’s someone on a trike so you try to figure out how to unlock the trike. If you don’t want to ride the trike you don’t have to.

Wouldn’t that be a bit funnier than logging into Zwift and boom, you’re on a trike, ha ha April Fools? That’s the thing with April Fools jokes, they need to be more subtle and not so obvious.

April fool’s is supposed to be funny and trick people , this was a group ride on different bikes .

Not really April fool’s.

No more fun because of a small minority but it seems like today everyone is bending over for the minority.

No more April fool’s no Christmas no Halloween soon we will just be staring at power numbers.


So you don’t get a trike to ride for 1 day of the year, at least you can ride on Zwift.

My April 1 and the next few months are spent not being able to ride and at the moment I cannot even walk. Yeah, where has the fun gone…

Gerrie san, its like the old mantra that you can please some but not everyone.

However to take the spirit of the day out of c0ntext, now that needs some realignment.