April fools Chase race. Not a chase race!

Great April fool guys!
Just completed the April fools chase race at 12.30, link here ZwiftPower - Login

All we could see was the B racers - no sign of A, C, D on the road or mini map. That meant it was really just a B group ride, which is fine but not what was signed up for.
@James_Zwift @xflintx @shooj are you able to look into this if possible as assume there are more like this?

I know.

I’ve fixed the remaining ones :confused:

Cheers man, appreciate it. Is there a better way of reporting stuff like this by the way?

Tagging me/emailing me is probably the best way.

Let’s say it’s an April Fool’s right?


Next year, maybe Crit City races with a random number generator for a lap counter? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I changed all the Herd races this weekend to 1,000,000m of Bologna.


That is a top quality suggestion. Have a random number of likes …