AppleTV missing race distance countdown.

I’ve just switched from PC to AppleTV4K. Did my first race on Apple, and the Distance till finish counter is missing. Curious if it’s just me or a known issue?

Same here…

I would like to join events on my AppleTV.  I see how to schedule them but not how to actually start one?  Can you tell me what buttons I press to join one from my AppleTV?

I use the mobile app to join events. I haven tried to join one within the game on ATV itself, but you should be able to use the remot to scroll over and select it.

Thanks.  I figured it out today but it is far from intuitive.  The list of events are in a window at the top right of the screen.  I eventually figured out that I can join the event selected at the top right when I click the ride button at the bottom of the other panel.  So nice to have it on the AppleTV but not the easiest interface to navigate. Documentation is really lacking too.

I’m having the same issues regarding the distance/time counter on events. Hope this gets sorted.