Apple watch with AppleTV connectivity

I installed Zwift on My iPad , Iphone , AppleTv to use it with My Applewatch for treadmill Run.
Ipad , Apple Watch …Works fine…Heart and Speed Sensors are detected
Iphone , Apple Watch … Works Fine…Heart and Speed Sensors are detected
AppleTV , Apple Watch is not Working since AppleTV does not detect the AppleWatch Sensors

usually Iphone is the Middle agent to transfer the Data using Zwift Companion Runing on the Iphone.

Any help possible to solve this issue as I need to use my big Screen while Zwifting .


After reading other issues with AppleTV.
I hard restarted the AppleTV .
The Application worked fine and Connected to my appleWatch Sensors using ZC on my Iphone.

However, I am still newbie with Zwift and Still learning my way on how to use the Application . I will start doing some workout and test it in the Weekend.



Always do that before you ride.