Apple Watch technique

Hi all,
Just starting out on Zwift, I have a bike set up but found out I can use my Apple Watch as a sensor for running. I don’t have a treadmill but have been jogging on the spot and it works fairly well. I am getting wildly contrasting MPH readings though and if I accelerate it doesn’t really pick that up. Anyone else using an Apple Watch as their only connect with Zwift? Have you found a good arm technique to make readings more accurate?
Many thanks

I have used it when I first started using Zwift for running and found it worked ok for pace, it was within 1-2/10 of mph. It would occasionally lose the signal for a second or two. Its a great way to get started and see if you want to continue using Zwift for running. I eventually moved to the Milestone run pod because of the intermittent connection problems and had problems connecting with that too. Now I use the stride runpod and am very happy with that.

But to get started the apple watch works fine. If you have problems you can always upgrade later.


Great thanks… :slight_smile: really enjoying it so far and have lost a couple of lbs of COVID calories in a week!