Apple Watch Heart Rate through iPad

Apologies if this is a previously multi discussed point. I have searched for a solution.

If anyone can offer any real life experience and help, I’d be grateful.

-I run Zwift through my iPad on the bike

  • I have Apple Watch series 5

  • companion app on iphone and watch

I’ve got it to a point where the iPad picks up the Apple Watch on Heart Rate monitor on the pairing screen but declares ‘No Signal’

When I try to open the map on the companion app on my iphone, it loads very briefly, then disappears - leaving me with no heart rate.

Would appreciate any pointers as I’m really close.

Thank you.

I’ve been using a series 4 with an iPad for a year or so and your experience is very familiar. It connects, sometimes without me having to do anything, other times I have to run thru a set of potential fixes and eventually I can always get it to connect.

  1. Repeat the steps to connect a Bluetooth device from within the Zwift app on the iPad, looking for your watch on the list.
  2. Quit and restart the companion app, then repeat step 1.
  3. Quit and restart the Zwift app on your watch (look up how to do that, not something I ever have to do for any other app on my watch, and I wonder if this app is the ultimate source of the flakiness), then repeat step 1.
  4. Try steps 2 and 3 in the other order

Just to be clear, I’m not saying you’ll have to do all of these, you might fix the issue at any of the steps and therefore not need to run through the other steps.

Hope this helps, I’m confident you can get it to work consistently. I don’t know where the unreliability in establishing a connection at the beginning comes from, but once it’s going and I’m actively riding, I don’t think I’ve ever lost the connection during the ride.

[edit] for future reference, I should have added that I run the companion app on an iPhone Xs

Thanks Justin, I appreciate your help, and especially your use of the word ‘flakiness’

Same here with an iPhone XS, Apple 4K TV and an iPhone 5.

I have learned to kill either the companion app on the phone or the app on the watch to get things to kick back into life.

Connected but no signal ? Get the watch tighter on your wrist seems to work for me

Thank you Calum. I’ve definitely got a notch tighter I can go.