Apple Watch 3 v Zwift issues

So set up my new Tacx Flux smart trainer and linked it to Zwift. Went there set up my Apple Watch 3. Nothing only get unpaired on the device and no heart rate butt. On the Bluetooth connect screen only have power source and speed source nothing else even no cadence sensor button.
Not e of the YouTube or community posts have any ref.

Please help.

Can you post a picture of the screen? I think that will help us solve your issue

Hi Shaun,

You have to select your Power Source from your Tacx Flux first, and then the next screen will display the options to pair your Cadence, Heart Rate, etc…

Have you seen our Zwift KB article for setting up and using the Apple Watch with Zwift?

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticketand one of our Zwift support colleagues will be happy to further troubleshoot the problem with you.