Apple TV Zwift Connection Issue

I have been using the Apple TV Zwift app and my Johnny G Spirit bike for several months without any connection issues.
Suddenly a few weeks ago the heart rate and Power sensors would sync to the Apple TV Zwift app as usual but no data would pass. In addition Zwift could no longer find the Cadence sensor.
I have rebooted the Johnny G and the Apple TV. I have deleted the Zwift ATV app and reinstalled. I have removed power to the ATV and television.
I can connect without difficulty using the Zwift companion app option.
My ATV is the 4K version model A1842. The ATV version is 16.2. ATV Zwift version is 1.32.1

Any help restoring the working connection between my Johnny G bike and Zwift Apple TV would be most appreciated

There’s no easy way to say this but your bike isn’t officially supported by Zwift:

I found the manufacturer’s connection guide on their website, here:

Page 2 includes troubleshooting steps for the bike which it sounds like you may have tried already.

One more thing to try: Update your bike’s software. There’s a link on their main page.

Failing those, you might reach out to the manufacturer.

This may be your best or only option.

i have apple tv too and started to have connectivity issues. For me force closing Zwift after each ride solved the problem. Not saying it will work for you, but it might and it only takes a few seconds to do. Let me know if you don’t know how it’s done.

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I forgot about that. Yes, this should be standard operating procedure for anyone using ATV. I do it out of habit now. Touch-wood, no recurring connectivity issues.

Thanks for the suggestion but shutting down the Zwift app and restarting made no difference :