Apple TV with Cable bridge no longer works with Wahoo cadence

This setup worked great last winter… using North Pole Engineering’s CABLE as follows:
Wahoo Kicker snap as power and speed source, Wahoo HR and cadence sensors paired through the CABLE bridge.
This year all of the sudden the cadence sensor is recognized by Zwift but the readout is wacko. While pedaling regardless of cadence the numbers start climbing and go very high (150) then fall to 1 and just sits there.
These bizarre numbers are reflected on the avatar also, spinning really fast then not pedaling.
Anyone else having similar issue?

Hi Jim,

Have you check the cadence sensor with other software or a cycling computer. I have seen this happen if the sensor battery is at the end of its life. It can be that the magnet has moved.

Yes, the sensor seems to work normally with Wahoo apps. both the regular app and the utility.
Batteries are good, this is happening on two separate bikes each with their own sensor attached.