Apple TV via Companion app on Galaxy S10+ (full ANT+ support) can't see any ANT+ sensors


Okay so here’s my setup:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ (which has the ANT+ stack baked in) running Android 12;

  • Garmin GSC10 ANT+ combined Speed & Cadence Sensor;

  • Powertap Powercal ANT+ HR strap (which also outputs on the ANT+ PWR profile, but I’m not trying to use that bit with Zwift so it’s irrelevant here);

  • Elite Sterzo Smart;

  • Apple TV 4K 1st Gen (A1842);

  • Dumb trainer (Cyclops Magneto).

  • Bike (obviously!).

I can run Zwift on the S10+ and it connects to all of the ANT+ sensors & the Sterzo Smart on BLE, with no problems whatsoever.

However it’s too small a screen for my liking, and gets too toasty if I cast it to my big TV, or plugged in via HDMI on a Samsung DEX dock with the Companion app running on the phone screen, so I’ve just setup Zwift on the Apple TV 4K (brand new today) to use instead.


When I run the Companion app on the S10+ and set Zwift on the ATV to pair with it, it either can’t see them or just won’t connect to any of my ANT+ sensors.

I’ve verified that the S10+ can see the ANT+ sensors outside of Zwift (and the Companion app) using the IpSensorMan app (see second screenshot below).

I’ve tried with the ATV connected on the same 5Ghz Wifi network as the S10+, and also with the ATV on the ethernet port directly into my wifi router. No difference.

I’m not running any VPN, nor internal firewall, nor anything else that would block the ATV from seeing any connections from the Companion app on the S10+.

I’ve been through the support guides on ANT+/BLE stuff and have even tried using several ANT USB dongles (2 Garmin/ Dynastream & 1 Adidas branded one which is still made by Dynastream).

Still nothing.

Why is it not working FFS‽‽‽ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Here’s a bunch of screenshots from the S10+, and one of Zwift on the ATV hunting for sensors via the Companion app:

It would seem Companion App Bridging only works for BLE - see this snip in the highly legible Jedi font …


Yup, this.

Workarounds (sort of) are buying the NPE-CABLE pod (unfortunately unavailable new due to chip shortage but maybe used), or run Zwift on phone and out from a USB hub via HDMI to a TV.

Ughhhhhh… damn it!! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I wish they would make it much more explicitly clear that the Companion app doesn’t support ANT+ sensors for bridging. Or better still if they would just make it so it does… :pleading_face:

Thanks anyway.

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I did mention I initially used the Samsung DEX dock (it’s actually the horizontal DEX Pad not the upright DEX Dock) to hook the S10+ up to via HDMI, but it runs pretty hot even with the built in blower fan trying its best to cool it down.

The NPE CABLE would be a non-starter anyway, as the configuration can only be done with an iOS device. Which I don’t have.

But I did contact NPE on Twitter about the chip shortage, and they’ve said that they plan to release a new device this autumn (fall) which will do the same job, and able to be configured via both Android & iOS. So that’s something at least.

I was also going to give Fulgaz a go too, but that one will also have to wait until the new NPE device comes out, or I can snag a decent Smart Trainer off of eBay for a really good price, as I know the dumb trainer experience will not be great in the long term anyway.

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You really went down the rabbit hole! Thanks for the info on NPE’s new device - big fan of theirs.

Another wildcard option: 4iiii Viiiiva HRM with similar bridging as the NPE-CABLE but having an Android config option.

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I think I just completely overlooked that option because I have two other Garmin HRM straps already (plus my Fenix 6X can rebroadcast HR as well), and didn’t want yet another.

In fact I must’ve gone totally blind because GPLama even has a video dedicated to using it with the Apple TV:

  • 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor // AppleTV Bluetooth Problem Solver” (

Now off to grab a used one off of eBay…