Apple TV Remote

Apple TV 4K with Tacx Bushido

This combo works great however I have experience the sleep issue several time. I am look for help with the remote. I do not really understand how to scroll navigate accurately. Changing camera view has lead to me quitting (button to the left) a group ride, pretty disappointing.

That remote can be maddening at times with everything in AppleTV, but especially so in Zwift. I haven’t used the button that sets sleep mode while in Zwift, so I don’t have that problem, but yes, it is really tricky to pick on anything specific. When possible, I use the ZML on my phone, which works great (usually). Biggest problem I have with the remote is that I can’t change bikes or wheels. They’re locked while on my AppleTV, but are changeable from my laptop. Seems weird.

apple tv settings you can turn off sleep mode