Apple TV Questions

  1. Is there a hack to select the course on Apple TV like on a PC?

  2. Is there a way to toggle the ride graph on an Apple TV?

You can do both. Choose course using the Apple remote before you start your ride. While riding, press the select button on the Apple remote and choose the graph icon from the menu at the bottom of the screen.


Thanks for the reply. 

I should have not have said ‘course’ but instead ‘world’.

For me it is disappointing that today, Saturday, I have a chance to do a long ride and I am stuck in London! Bummer!

Thanks again


Have eventually managed to connect my Wattbike to Zwift on Apple TV and its so much better!

How do you delete a user from an Apple TV set up? A friend of mine logged in and now we cant get rid of him! His name is on the front screen as a user.





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hello! i have an apple tv 4th do not recognize my bluetooth heart rhythm belt until iphone does yes yes repair wakeup? zsolt

my other problem tacx genius loses the signal with the system a few seconds but in competition it is a huge disadvantage