Apple TV Ride On. Using remote control

Hi Team,

Can you do an update to enable Ride On’s using the Apple TV remote. It would be cool to be able to select a runner in the list on the right of the screen and give a thumbs up using the Apple TV remote. Most other parts of the screen can be selected, but not the list of runners.
I use my iPhone to connect the Treadmill Speed app to my Apple TV, so I’m unable to use the Zwift Companion App. I’ve tried with a spare phone to connect both companion and Treadmill speed but that’s not worked so far.
I find the Treadmill Speed App far more accurate for running speed with Zwift. I purchased the Zwift footpad and the Runn speed sensor but both these have issues which are very frustrating to use.
I would appreciate any help with another other method of resolving this.
Ride On.

Many thanks,