Apple TV -- No custom workout w/o Win 11 (or some sort of Mac thingy)?

Looking for confirmation, I guess.

When all my Win machines became useless for Zwift, I got Apple TV (horrible thing but it sorta works – I understand things will get better, he says while rolling eyes).

In past I’ve made and used custom workouts but I think I need to be able to upload to a folder that lives with the app. as far as I can see, that means I can’t use the app on an Android device.

Do I really have to buy a Windows 11 device to get this functionality? It looks like I could get a refurbished device for around $500! Not gonna happen.

So, I’m hooped, right?

Thanks in advance!

No, it’s just that you need to upload/create the workout on a PC or Mac running Zwift. It could even be someone else’s computer, it just needs to have Zwift installed on it and you login to your Zwift account on it.

Once your workout is in your Zwift account then your ATV will see it.

That’s quite a leap, Windows 11 absolutely isn’t required, nor is a $500 device(!). A used PC from eBay costs a tenth of that amount and will do what you want.

Buy the right one and you could easily tart it up to get Ultra graphics and ditch the Apple TV. :sunglasses:

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I had it in my head that Zwift would no longer run on Win10. I’ve several those. Maybe it’s just that I stopped using a Win10 machine for Zwift…

Thank you, gentlemen :slightly_smiling_face:

They binned off Windows 7 some time ago, and then the integrated graphics on 3rd generation Intel CPUs and earlier (systems with dedicated graphics are still fine). Almost all PCs that came with Windows 10 will work.