Apple TV Keyboard

Just wondering: will it be possible to have the PC keyboard shortcuts to be used through a keyboard connected to the Apple TV? Makes it so much easier to do U-turns for instance: you just hit space bar, rather than fiddling with the tiny ATV remote or long pressing in ZML. Thanks!

The issue is that it would require yet another of the very limited number of BLE connections. AppleTV maxes at 3 - one of which is the remote. If we also allowed the keyboard, then that would limit you to a single sensor - so just a smart trainer (which could also then be a controllable trainer) as power or just a powermeter (which could also provide cadence). But no HR and then either no cadence or no controllable trainer depending on your power source.

You could use ZML to pair additional sensors, but we don’t want to force people to do that simply to pair more than a single sensor.


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Sure, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. Is the ATV bluetooth limitation a hardware or software related (as in: are there any changes to be expected)?

I can’t imagine it’s a hardware limitation. But as to whether or not it will change, with Apple that’s a bit like reading tea leaves - really, you’re just guessing. As they roll out developer builds of TVOS we should know if they’ve changed this. But for now, we’re stuck with it.


Is there any way to disconnect the Apple remote and substitute a BT keyboard?  that would preserve the number of BT connections.

David. I would suggest taking the remote out of the room.