Apple TV Issue Post Nov 21 update

Since the update my apple TV, which was running flawlessly has been horrible. Main issue is that the remote no longer has the ability to scroll, so can’t access routes, nor events, nor any other aspects of the home screen that require the scrolling. My version is 15.1.1 Could not access Makuri Islands at all which was frustrating. Also now when cycling a route, cannot access alternative roads, so at intersections we are no longer able to opt out of the route we were on. Weird. Help please.

Sorry for the obvious/basic response, but have you charged your remote?

??? 15.1.1 ???
I would try an update - current version for ATV is 1.19.0 (1.0.100118).

He’s talking about his tvOS version on the Apple TV.

Ok, sorry, not an Apple user here.

I have not had any issues using the ATV remote to select routes, or any other activity. Which version of remote are you using?

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