Apple TV remote worse since recent update

I’ve had a very difficult time navigating my Custom Workout Folders with the ATV remote.
This is similar to how it was months ago, but then after an update the remote wasn’t too difficult to use.
Since the recent update, it’s awful, it can take me as long as five minutes to get to the right folder & workout.
Remote app on my iPhone isn’t any help either, it’s more cumbersome than it was previously.
Apple TV4K (not the newest version with the updated remote).

Has anyone else had the same experience?

My ATV remote defaulted to the fast “tracking” mode after the recent update making it far too sensitive for navigating the menus. I reset it to “medium” speed and it’s much better.

Mine was set to slow.
I changed it to medium & then fast.
Fast seems to work best.

The ATV remote app isn’t much better.
I can use the arrows to navigate to each folder, but I can’t pick a WKO within that folder.
It also won’t move the list of folders when I get to the bottom of the screen.


I was having difficulty navigating with the Apple TV 4K remote and learned I could shut off the swipe feature. I have had a far easier time of navigating around the app since with just clicking. Not using custom folders though.

No idea if this would be of help to anyone in your particular situation, but always make sure you don’t simply need to charge the battery if the ATV remote starts acting slow.

Additionally: the ATV remote can be restarted. (!) Mine was acting up recently and that did the trick.

If it’s the original, black, Gen 1 Siri remote, I would highly recommend upgrading to the silver Gen 2. Having the physical buttons is a massive leap forward in usability. Or take it as an opportunity to jump right to the 2022 ATV4k that comes with one. Older ATV4ks can still fetch some money on the used market so the cost of a new one isn’t such a tough pill to swallow.