Apple TV connection issues

I recently picked up an apple tv 4k 2nd gen (2021) and it’s been working great! With the exception of the top left corner of the screen where it tells me I am having a ‘connection failure’, however, all the while my connection is stable and data is transmitting from my hammer h1 trainer without any drops or lags. Anyone else have this issue?

I have tried to connect my devices through the companion app but connectivity is generally much more shaky (ironic, since it doesn’t always give me the connection failure message)

Anyone else experience this issue or have thoughts on how to fix it? I installed the most recent version of Zwift with the December update, Might just be a bug

thanks for reading!

I have never seen this message on my ATV (same generation). Is your ATV running over WiFi, or hardwired? (Mine is hardwired.) I’m honestly not sure if this message means there is an issue between the ATV and the trainer, or between the ATV and the internet.

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At the time it was connected over WiFi, but i’ll try using a hard wired connection next time, I thought it was a trainer to ATV issue, but you make a good point

Did you figure out the issue? Mine has started doing this in the last few months. Probably every 3-4 rides. Mine is hardwired.

The hardwired ethernet connection helped resolve the issue 99% of the time for me, I also brought my ATV closer to my trainer, unobstructed by walls or furniture, which has helped. I think this error can happen due to internet or trainer, heart rate or other device mini drop outs. There is a Zwift help article all about it on their website

I think internet drop outs can still happen tho even with a hard wired connection, which is more of an issue with service and connectivity with your provider rather than Zwift itself

Good to know, thanks. At least it still keeps working with the error