Apple TV Aspect Ratio

When using Apple TV app, I am missing pieces of information. It’s almost as if the aspect ratio is incorrect. Is there anyway to get all the information listed on the screen. It is a proper Apple TV with. 1080p LCD TV that’s only 5 years old. Thanks for the help!

Hi Paul, make sure you haven’t enabled any of your TV’s zoom features, which could effectively distort or crop the images coming from the Apple TV.  Check for a zoom button (or something similar) on your TV remote.

You can use the AppleTV calibration to help make sure your TV is displaying the full 1080p.  On the AppleTV, go to Settings -> Video and Audio -> Calibrate -> Zoom and Overscan.  Then adjust your TV’s overscan/zoom settings until you see the reference image as Full Screen.

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I have the same problem - when I use Zwift on apple TV the image on TV is cropped at the edges. When I use Zwift via airplay with the iPhone 5S, everything is OK on my TV. Give me the “image size” setting in the Zwift apple TV app :wink:

Thanks for the help!