Apple TV 4K no heart rate monitor connection

I have the Apple TV 4K device that I would like to run Zwift on. I can pair my Saris H3, but it will not pair with my Garmin HMR-Tri. I can run both through my laptop (MacBook Pro) using Airplay, but the whole point of getting the Apple TV was to eliminate the laptop and extra wires. I have watched the “official video” and other Youtube videos, and nothing works. I have tried to pair the HR strap with the Companion app, but I never get the “Bluetooth error” prompt, which offers to connect through the CA. My CA switch is “blue” and bluetooth is “turned on” on my iPhone. Any help would be kindly accepted.

Tomorrow is Festivus, and I would really like to have this settled before the annual airing of the grievances takes place–things could get ugly.

This is the official video I referenced.

Apple will only connect to Bluetooth.
I don’t see Bluetooth in the specs.


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You need one of these:

And one of these:

Then run the companion app on your iPhone for the HR data.

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I purchased the Garmin Dual HRM just so that I could use it with the ATV.

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Thanks. Problem solved.