Apple TV 4K crops screen edges

My similar problem continues to get worse. I am using an Apple TV4k to connect my new Kickr Core to an old Sony 32" flatscreen. Initially, I saw cropping like that described by others - a little off the sides and top/bottom, but most things were still visible. Now, the bottom is so cropped off that on the ride menu screen, the “Back” and “End Ride” buttons are not visible and not accessible by scrolling beyond the bottom edge, so I can no longer start or stop rides. I can choose rides and my avatar shows at the beginning of the ride, and when I start pedaling my avatar wattage shows, but the ride timer will not come on, so rides are not recording. For a while, I was able to start rides but not end them, but now I can do neither.
Things I have tried:

  • Changing aspect ratio on the TV - The default 16:9 shows as much Zwift screen as any of the others, which are 4:3, and two zooms.
    -Changing screen resolution on Apple TV - I have two HDMI slots on the TV, one set at 720p and the other at 360p, and both show the same amount of Zwift’s screen.
    -Zoom setting and under/overscan - Since the 16:9 (with no over/underscan available) aspect ratio has the most Zwift screen visible already, changing the over/underscan on the two zoom aspect ratios simply takes me to the edge of a smaller screen.

I am about to give up on the old Sony, but wonder if anyone has more ideas first.

So just got myself a AppleTV 4K and although I’m impressed with the quality of both the graphics and the smouthness I’m also getting the cropped screen.The TV is a fairly new one and I can’t adhust the screen on that,so is the recomendation still to twiddle with the settings on the Apple TV?