Apple 4K TV remote can't toggle between Pace Partners or in the Drop Shop

Remote can’t toggle between Pace Partners or in the Drop Shop in Apple 4K TV on Zwift. I have the brand new 2021 Apple 4K TV remote as well as the IOS version for my iPhone and both cannot toggle.
I have rebooted Apple TV but that did not solve the problem
Any help here would be appreciated.

Haven’t seen this issue on my ATV, and isn’t being widely reported, so I’d have to guess it’s an issue with your remote. Does it do other functions, or does it possibly just need to be charged?

I have the same issue with the old remote and the iPhone remote. The new 2021 remote works great on all the other features on Zwift.

I can toggle to pace partners but can’t select a pace partner other then the top listed

Weird, I use Apple tv4k with the old remote and it’s working fine for me…. If you can ever say the remote works fine with it that is :joy:

I also use ATV 4K. Used drop shop to change from time trial bike to Tron and rode with pace partner last night for a little bit.