App loged out during ride

Yesterday, after more then an hour on a workout session, I started noticing riders with no names.
It seemed weird, but I thought it was a group with anonymous signup as I still saw some riders with their names.
When I finally finished the session, the app closed fast (usually it takes time to transfer details to strava), and the trainer (tacx neo2) continued to roll (was downhill when finished) until I plugged it out of the electricity.
On the Zwift companion, a ride was registered with only 1 hour 10 min, instead of 1 hour 50 min. that I did, and a message noted that the activity details could not be loaded. no other stats (power etc.) are available.
Re-running the PC app asked me to login, and it didn’t remember the password.

Please advise so this won’t reoccur.

Thank you,

This sound like you had an internet connection issue on your end, could have been your hardware or an issue at your ISP.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response.

Internet/ISP issue would not require me to logging again, having removed the password (like after logout).

Also If I had an connectivity problem I wouldn’t be able to continue riding for another 40 minutes (it wouldn’t load the rest of the trail

You can log into Zwift start a ride unplug/disconnect the internet and continue riding on Zwift without any issue and having access to the entire course.

This still sounds like an internet connection issue either on your end or your ISP since no one else is reporting issues.