Anyone else having issues with bluetooth through companion app as of late?

Hi @William_Harrison1

I definitely get your frustrations, especially since the ZC BLE bridge was working fine for you before the recent updates.

The reason why I asked about your specific model Moto G8 Power Lite Android is because I saw another post on the Forums here where another Zwifter reported what appears to be a similar issue when using the same model Android device for ZC. It could be a coincidence or it could be a potential trend, but that’s what I’m trying to establish.

Since I’m not a Zwift developer and am merely a humble Zwift support agent, I don’t personally fix things having to do with Zwift that are broken from a programming standpoint, but try to do my best to identify trends and report them to the people at Zwift who do fix things. If I ask for more information from Zwifters or for Zwifters to try specific things, I generally make every effort to have a good reason for doing so. Either way, thanks for sharing the information and I’ll do my best to get some attention on this.

Hi @Kim_Eik

Great news! Thanks for letting me know that the patch seems to have resolved the issue for you!

Ride On.

Thanks Steven. Testing another Android device with the ZC app is definitely on my “to do” list. Don’t know where, or how, I’ll get my hands on one, but I’ll try.

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