Any way to view activity comparison after saving workout?

I had been using Zwift on my smartphone and liked viewing the acitivity stats (this ride vs your best, for 5 secs, 1 min, 5 mins, 20 mins etc) when saving and uploading.

I’ve since switched to the Zwift desktop app on my MacBook and after saving the workout this data isn’t displayed, and I can’t find it anywhere in my profile or recent activities… I find this really useful to see strength improvement at a glance rather than comparing acitivities - anyone know where I can find this?

You would have to use a third party application such as Strava or TrainingPeaks

Shame, as the data is there, and displayed in the Zwift app but only at a specific time in the workout (at upload stage). Weird it’s not shown or accessible at any other time. Just another UX quirk in Zwift that would be so easily fixed.

Is there no way of doing a screengrab? That’s all I do on my Android tablet.

The best way is to link to strava and use Strava sause addon to get all that data. There are many 3rd party software that specialize in analyzing your rides for Outdoor and indoor riding.

Things like this:


No, because I use my MacBook to display the Zwift game (out of reach while I’m on the bike) and the Android compaion app is on my bars - once I hit stop to finish the workout in the compaonion app the workout saves and uploads to connected services, so that data is omitted.

Thanks! I didn’t know about Sauce, looks good.

Why don’t you take a second or two to get off your bike and stop your ride on the MacBook and take screenshots then?

Also look into Great for comparing ride information against previous rides over many different time intervals.