Post ride analytics

Hi guys. I for one think that the post ride analytics in the zwift companion app when you finish a ride a very poor. I would love to see zwift have a section for post ride analytics where you can get way more details about your ride than our currently available right now. honestly I am willing to even pay a small fee for this service because I’m currently paying for post ride analytics on other apps. who else would like to see this happen?

zwift will say its a game not a workout platform for keeping analytical data, it would be nice to see more information

I myself let Zwift save the activities in STRAVA and then I use to analyse them. If you like detailed data analysis, you should give it a try.

+1 … this is the way :+1:

The thing is I connected my zwift to Strava and Garmin connect through the zwift companion app but somehow whenever I do a ride and save it in zwift it does not get uploaded to those other two sites

check the account settings on both ends (Zwift & STRAVA) and if that doesn’t help disconnect and do it again.