Review workout/ride results

After you finish your ride/workout your stats are displayed (5 sec avg, 20 min avg etc)  but there is now way to review these stats after you save. Could you include the stats in the my Zwift dasboard?

And also, populate the long blank best ever line of data below this rides results. 

Seems to be really missing. Maybe Zwift relies 100% on People also having Strava when using Zwift? But would be a good Feature to be able within Zwift to Review Performance data.

Agree.  Should be reviewed right within your dashboard, even if only for a few days.  Many of us are not elite cyclists and don’t have time to look at 2 different sites.  

 So I finished a ride of Volcano Flat today and I can’t find any way to review my performance or anything related to the ride, except “Watopia” and some average watts, etc. What if I want to ride Volcano Flat again and compare my performance? Why didn’t it indicate to me when I finished Volcano Flat? It just sent me on a second lap without any indication that I finished the one I was on…

Strava has the segments for Zwift (too many in most cases). Comparing virtual distance over time on Zwift is not a good indication of increase in fitness, you are better off comparing power/watts over time. Speed on Zwift can change depending on in-game drafting and in-game bike chosen.

Thanks for the response. I’ll give Strava a try.