ANT+ Tablets

Hi all
I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite (ANT+ all good).
I want to upgrade but struggling to find which of Samsung’s tablets will support ANT+. The new TabS9 for example don’t.
Also, is ANT+ old tech? SHould I be doing something else for heart rate for example if Samsung are not supporting this in their newer devices?
Thanks all

You can get the newer ones to work with additional hardware but it seems to be hit and miss. Probably cheaper and easier to swap your HR to a BT one.

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Thanks. Is the ANT+ only needed for the HR? Seems like it to me. I paired with my wahoo kickr core and it did speed and cadence. That’s all that’s needed isnt it?

Kickr transmits in BT so that’s fine. It depends on what HR you’ve got but sounds like it’s Ant+ only.

You can pick up some real cheap BT ones these days or do you have a sports watch?
You don’t need HR for Zwift unless you’re racing and some events insist on a HR

That’s a fair point. I will buy a BT monitor. I like to see my heart rate when I ride on ZWIFT as usually riding in group events and pushing quite hard. Good to see what’s going on in the body, although if something my heart starts feeling weird I am sure I wont need a gadget to tell me something isnt right! :slight_smile:

Very true. All the best.