Bluetooth or Ant+ ? Kickr snap

Well that was daft or interesting. I was trying some HR stuff as my dual bt and ant+ strap arrived. So ended up on Android phone using Bluetooth for HR and power.

Result was the cone of shame and finished the race with nearly 320w average. Yesterday on ant+ it was 273w and I was happy.

Which is correct and which is wrong?

I’ve done 400 race in C and B with plenty of wins, but out of that only 3-4 have been on Ant+ as i’ve never had a Dual HR monitor. So always on Ant+

But could it be that Bluetooth is correct ?

Why should BT and ANT+ be different? I have an P2M powermeter, both numbers are the same every second recording.

By the way, you should not race in C with 400 W…

I don’t race in C with 400w. I’ve raced in C for 3+ years with the occasional bump by ZP into B. But I don’t last long as at my best I’m borderline B at best.

However whilst I agree with you, they should be the same, clearly something isn’t right here as today I was 50w higher than usual. But I don’t know if that means that my Bluetooth figure is wrong, or the ant+ figure I’ve always used is wrong.

I only used Bluetooth so i could test the HR monitor I’ve just bought as I wanted to know it works with Bluetooth.

You can test it - dual recording with Jepster App for Android - I did it (ANT+ on my HTC U11, BT - Zwift on Win PC, Companion App on the same phone with Jepster) - very good app, can run in background without dropouts.
After the ride you can compare the two fit files (Zwiftpower Analysis tool).

Excellent info. Thank you kindly.

Well that’s still a mystery to me.

This morning i used multiple devices, some on Ant+ and some on Bluetooth, running side by side and the power output was exactly the same on BT/Ant+ which of course we’d expect.

I tried Jepster as above and again, that was completely consistent with another device running at the time.

I even tried the android device i was using yesterday and sitting at 80w it was showing exactly the same power as the laptop next to it.

However, all of that said, i still don’t believe for a single second i produced 50w more than usual without something being ‘wrong’ somewhere here. So i’m going to stick with Ant+ and just keep racing as i was in C. Of course, i’ll try to replicate 320w lol… but i know that’s not plausible in my world.

Here’s another thought, could it be down to the lack of cadence sensor when i’m running Bluetooth ? My older Garmin cadence sensor doesn’t do Bluetooth.

I think the clear and obvious answer is, just race as you were in C using Ant+

But part of me is sitting here thinking “It’d be kinda cool to be a strong B” hahhahaa.

What trainer do you use. How do you pair the trainer.