Ant+ Dongle Required for Mac Beta, despite having KICKR? Correct?

(James Soto) #1

Happy to be in the Mac Beta, but it appears to be only if you LE Bluetooth Mac/Air has a dongle, despite the fact that you own a KICKR?



(Christopher Pallotta) #2

Yes, you’ll need a USB 2.0 ANT+ stick. Zwift doesn’t work with Bluetooth yet. You may also need a USB 2.0 extension cable if your computer isn’t with a few feet of your bike.

(David Burgess) #3

Fortunately I had an ANT+ stick lying around and was able to plug that into my macbook. I was so excited when I got my kickr one day and my Zwift invite the next. I fully expected the kickr & Zwift to talk to my mac without the need to plug in an ANT+ adaptor.

I’m really pleased to hear that it will not be a permanent requirement.

(John Domik) #4

Does anyone know if a bluetooth dongle will work in place of an ANT+? I ask because some computers already have bluetooth built in as well as the dongles are much cheaper than an ANT+ dongle. Also I am running a PC with windows rather than a Mac if that has any bearing.

(Christopher Pallotta) #5

John, no, as stated above, Zwift does not currently work with bluetooth, dongle or otherwise. You need ANT for now.