Ant+ dongle & iOS issues - this works for me

Apple updates seemed to have knackered some Ant+ connectivity on iPad and iPhone…Trial and Error has gotten me to these solutions…one of these does work depending on your actual issue.

  1. plug lightening cable or 30 pin connector to Wahoo Ant+ dongle into iOS device before opening Zwift app on iOS. If you get “the accessory is not supported” press ok and carry on

  2. If Ant+ icon doesn’t show on the paired devices page, then wait 2-3 minutes, sometimes it just shows up.

  3. If 1-2 don’t work, on paired devices page  press Let’s Go anyway (still with Ant+ dongle connected) - or Skip…ultimately you want the “paused page”

  4. On the paused page in the right column select PAIR, this takes you back to the paired devices page and the Ant icon should now be pulsing next to BLE icon.

I’ve spoken to Wahoo about this and their position is Apple with 11.2 have done something detrimental for the Wahoo dongle and they are working on it together


Hope this helps…its saved me no end of time pre workout

I’ve started having this issue as well… end up just mindlessly plugging and unplugging the dongle - normally missing my race start or sacrificing any warm up for it. In any case it’s really frustrating. Eventually I get it to work but sometimes it takes 10 mins of faffing around. 

I will try the steps above and see if they help- glad to know Wahoo are working on it. Thanks. 

Subsequently I purchased the CABLE ant+ to Bluetooth signal converter. Now get flawless connection to Zwift or Sufferfest with no delay and if you have a Garmin footpod then you can also run on a treadmill with zwift

it will work on iphone x?

Good morning David,

Thank you for the post.  I too like the rest of the folks on this email thread are frustrated to say the least.  Can you possibly post a link to the cable ant+ to Bluetooth signal converter?  I want to make sure I am buying the correct item.

Thanks in advance, Blair

Hi Blair… this is the one…curiously cheaper bought off amazon though as shipping is less if your outside the US and the supplier is still the company!

Thank you David!

I don’t know if the wahoo is the same as mine but I have an adaptor. It’s a thunderbolt to 30 pin connector and the adaptor sits on he end of that.
What I’ve found is if I plug the converter in first
Then load zwift
Plug the converter in
Ant doesn’t show up - click skip
Then go back to pair as above
And it’s there

Hope this helps