iOS Wahoo ANT+ dongle not working on iPhone 5s

(Richard Walker) #1

Hi. I got all excited when I noticed that the latest Zwift 1.0.16361 mentioned Wahoo ANT+ dongle compatibility.

I downloaded the app on my iPhone 5s and borrowed a friends Lightening to 30 pin adapter and Wahoo ANT+ dongle. Unfortunately the ANT+ symbol didn’t show up on the Paired Devices screen, only the Bluetooth icon shows. I connected the dongles before and after restarting the app. The Wahoo ANT+ dongle does work but it is a few years old.

Is anyone able to give me some advice?

Kind regards


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hrm, we are seeing plenty of ANT dongle usage in the latest version of Zwift. 

Two things to check:

  1. Do you have a case on your phone that could keep the adapter from plugging all the way in?  

  2. Are you sure the adapter is a genuine apple adapter?  Some knockoffs (and there are many) just have the pins for charging or audio, but not all the data channels.

(Richard Walker) #3

Wow, thanks for the speedy response. I have just found that there is a wahoo app so I will download that and see if it is connecting to the iPhone

  1. No I don’t have a case

  2. Unsure if it is actually an apple adapter



(Richard Walker) #4

Just a quick update. It looks like it might be the Lightening to 30 pin adapter as the Wahoo App isn’t seeing the Dongle either.