IOS not seeing ANT+ with dongle

 Is there any solution yet for Apple (iphone and ipad) not supporting the Wahoo dongle 


I am not familiar with Apple stuff and they do seem to have more issues. The first thing to check is if the dongle is firmly inserted (if using an extension cord). It is possible to load the dongle and have it not work if not seated all the way.

You need to be pretty specific when talking about your setup for best troubleshooting help. Give device details and maybe your OS version too.

Best of luck to you,

this seems to be a widely discussed problem.

when you insert the wahoo dongle / key into any IOS device it says “unsupported device” so you are only left with the option of using bluetooth devices with IOS 

we are talking about uptodate versions of zwift and IOS & yes it is plugged in correctly! 

from what i gather it seems Apply has given the 2 finger salute to ANt+ & thats that 

Id love someone to tell me different and help me get them working. Ive also tried the suggestions of plugin gin and out several time with no such luck 




A lot of people are having the same issue with the Wahoo dongle and iOS, I have been suggesting CABLE as a more stable replacement.


thanks Paul, looks like a good option ! 

I can recommend cable.  It just works and combines any mix of BT LE and Ant+ together.