ANT Connected - not moving


Everything was working before but now I am not moving, have restarted my laptop, turned on and off the tacx flucx 2 trainer multiple times, turned everything off and I am not moving. This happened before and I only got it working by uninstalling and reinstalling zwift which takes quite a long time. Is there an easier way of getting it working?


Start here:

Laptop running windows 11, zwift version 1.32.0(106182), trying to connect a Tacx flux 2 through ANT. Everything said connected fine but I am not moving.

A few things to try:

  1. different USB port
  2. is the ANT dongle on an extension cable so it is very close to the trainer?
  3. If yes to #2, try without cable
  4. try bluetooth
  5. try using the companion app as a bridge over wifi

Cheers, tried all that but with not effect. Ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the program for the second. Bit frustrating but it seems to be the only thig that works.