Announcing Zwift Play

Well I know my keyboard definitely isn’t in easy reach as its set off to my right hand side by about 2 feet, and just gets used to select, start & end rides once everything is connected

What in this day and age of mobile phones…

I don’t have a keyboard in any sort of reach. It’s a constant bugbear of mine that there are still times I need to dismount and walk to the PC to hit Enter.

As regards Companion App, some folk use their phone to run Zwift, so they don’t have Companion App.

There are so many permutations that I sort of understand how difficult it is for Zwift to make all-encompassing solutions.

Yes. I know plenty of children for example who don’t have smartphones, and of course there are parts of the world where smartphone penetration isn’t as high as elsewhere.

Nigeria, for example, has a population of 213 million, with around 195m mobile subscriptions, but currently only around 20-40m smartphone users (according to Statista).

Or maybe someone has a smartphone that can run Companion, but they’ve just dropped it down the toilet. It happens. =)

Mobile phones are pretty useless with sweaty hands - and it’s just not convenient to reach for a phone all the time. Zwift play controllers are far more handy, and probably better protected against sweat.

However, braking is something I’m just not interested in. I don’t race and hate racing so I should hopefully be able to avoid that.

Can’t wait to see the first ( open source ) Arduino “smartbike buttons” to “fake Zwift Play” project :wink:

Guess Zwift already seen the fakes coming and built in some kind of encryption ( not saying a hardware key can’t be pulled… ) :thinking:


Split users in seperate groups

You mean something like this?

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I see some concerns about sweat resistance, but I’m more worried about the durability of the Z button, used for the Ride On bombs :ride_on:


…sweat… lots and lots of sweat…

and the fact that I ride on the hoods in Zwift and in real-life.

I don’t think Zwift will mind. They have already said that the API for the controller will be open. They want other people to use it a create a standard rather than being constantly hassled by Stages/Wahoo/Sterzo all doing the same thing differently and expecting Zwift to be compatible. In terms of market share it makes more sense for Zwift to set the standard rather than having to bloat it’s software for every other player.

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When did they say that?

DCRainmaker has it in his review.


As a Sterzo owner I’ll be sad to see my investment written off but I do think this controller - and API - is the way to go. I’ll likely keep the Sterzo in dumb though, just to free up the front wheel.

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That will be awesome, but going with past experience on how quickly 3rd party applications (Kommander) was “killed” when the sterzo was released I would not hold my breath.

I think that was a pretty (very) dumb legal agreement with Elite, that ultimately backfired. Hopefully they’ve learnt from that.

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Watching @Eric_Schlange video, collision detection is badly needed. Riding through others kinda makes the whole thing look silly.


I do have two bike setups for zwift.

One with sterzo without climb and the other with climb without sterzo.

At time beeing elite rizer was not there.

I do find play very useful for both setups, because of buttons/controls.

My girlfriend will be able to choose between sterzo and play for steering.

I am wondering if the placement of play is still comfortable for riding.

Yet again we get relegated to the sidelines while others get early access and discounts :maple_leaf::beaver::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Is the lack of Play access in Canada an easily predictable regulatory issue that could have been dealt with through forethought? Real bummer the Canadian user base was overlooked…


Man, that would really make Zwift frustrating. Certainly not in free rides at least - the number of times I’ve ridden through people at junctions alone would make it very annoying.

Maybe in some events, but only races and TTs at most.


I think that’s an obvious edge case that would be excluded.

For all of this I’m talking about racing. Steering, braking, pack dynamics, all of that is basically irrelevant in free riding and group rides anyway.

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