Android ZML crashes

(Michael Taylor) #1

VERY new to Zwift, would like to make it work. Since there’s no native Windows PC BLE support, I’m using the Android version of ZML to bridge.  However, 3 attempts at rides, 3 crashes of the ZML.  A few minutes after the ZML crashes, the Zwift game on the PC loses the Kinetic Smart Control trainer, and ride over.

I can generally close everything out, restart the ZML and game on the PC, and start over, but I’m only getting 5-6 minutes of ride each time due to the ZML crashes.

Any advice? Certainly not switching my account from “free trial” to “paid subscriber” if it won’t run.  Thanks in advance!

(Laszlo Fodor) #2

Hi Mike, 

I create a support ticket for you based on this post. Please check your e-mail so that we can try to resolve this issue.

Ride On!