Android spurious "App not responding" boxes

The Android app seems rather subject to spurious messages popping up, saying, “App not responding”, when it’s running just fine. This is really annoying because I can’t see what’s happening on-screen; I got dropped from the group (i.e. left behind) in an event, when I couldn’t judge my pace easily and failed to stay with them. Dismiss the warning, and it comes back five or ten seconds later; in events that I wanted to complete, I have been known to dismiss the same warning every few seconds for up to an hour, which is not an experience to repeat too often!

I suspect that the warning may be an OS function and not a built-in Zwift one. I am running my Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with very little available memory, which is probably the trigger (can’t really get round it, I’ve removed everything possible, and there are discussions in other threads on why we can’t be allowed to use expansion cards).

Anyone else seen similar? The really annoying thing is the random way it happens. I routinely kill all other apps when running Zwift. However, usually it runs fine, then just once it will produce this warning a single time, but let me dismiss it for the rest of the ride, and then another time it will randomly do as described above, and just keep putting the warning back, however, many times I dismiss it. The only way I know to kill it is to restart the tablet (and miss the group ride in the process).