Mobile App notifications bug?

(Karissa Minn) #1

Just updated the mobile app today and it seems to have a bug… I have a stuck notification that won’t clear, and every now and then on the Notifications page, the following message will appear: “Bad Status Code 400 invoking the URL” Just wanted to pass this along, not sure if it needs a support ticket.

(Brian Gorby) #2

Hi Karissa,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Looks like you’re using an Android TouchPad device, is that correct? Can you confirm which version of the app you’re using (in Settings -> About)?

(Karissa Minn) #3

Yeah, we took HP TouchPads and put Android (KitKat, I believe) on them… lol. They normally run the Zwift app fine. Our phones aren’t compatible with it.

The app is version 1.4.2 (98).

(Karissa Minn) #4

Also, it wasn’t doing it with the last release (1.4.1, I assume?). The one that brought us the big update.

(Brian Gorby) #5

Hi Karissa,

Can you open a quick ticket at Include that it’s for me, and it’ll get sent my way.


(Karissa Minn) #6

Will do!

(R Vigeant_USMES Z50+) #7

Having the same issue on a motox 2nd gen phone