Android software update interfering with Zwift?


I am struggling with Zwift since the 5th of April when I did a software upgrade on my Samsung A70. Before I had no issues. Now, I can open the app on my phone, but when it gets to the devices screen it does not pick up my Garmin speed and cadence sensor or my Garmin HR strap. ANT+ is blinking so I assume it is functional. I have un-installed and re-installed all the apps without success.

I then installed Zwift on an older Samsung phone which I use for the Companion app and everything works fine on this phone, but because it is slow, the app lags terribly. I am almost convinced it is the new Android version that is causing the problem.

The current version is: A705FNXXU5DUC6 / A705FNOJM5DUC6 / A705FNXXU5DUC1 if that is of any help.

Any suggestions please.