Android "RSSI Information not available"

I get the the following error message in the Zwift app for Android after I connect any ANT+ devices:
“rssi information not available”

Please fix this, and also add support for ANT+ FE-C on Android as soon as possible. Thanks!

We’d like to confirm this happens when running the game app on NVIDIA Shield TV device, is that correct?

This happens on all my Android devices that got ANT+ support.

And btw, you should also add official support for Zwift on Nvidia Shield.

Hi, I have same issue on Xperia XZ3(Android 10) w/ ANT+ dongle.
It’s not clear whether the problem is caused by hardware, ANT plugins or Zwift.

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@Snorre_Heimsund and @gabasu

Thank you both for the report. We’re looking into this bug.

I just got this message too, while trying to connect my existing Garmin HR monitor via my Android 10 phone and new ANT+ dongle with new OTG cable. PC game recognizes dongle and gets data, ANT Tester app says it’s working, Zwift on phone pairs to it but does not get data (I was wearing the HR monitor but was not actually Zwifting, just trying to get it set up)

Having the same issue trying to connect my Tacx Flow to Pixel 3A (running Zwift) using an ANT+ Dongle with new OTG cable. Is anything being done to resolve this issue?

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i get this too but only in the pairing screen and doesn’t seem to stop it working

Hi Chris,
Thanks for that data point. We were attempting to read RSSI from devices that don’t support it. As you say, it shouldn’t have blocked functionality, but it’s annoying. We are actively working on a fix and aiming to address in our next major release (late Oct/early Nov)

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