Android phone vs Apple TV graphics

New to zwift and bought a new phone specifically for it (Samsung S23 specifically because of its GPU). So was pretty annoyed when got all set up and discovered you cant change graphics settings on Android (does anyone know what its actually running at?) Im thinking about getting an Apple TV box to run zwift now as I think you can change resolution but will it be better than what you get on Android? And if graphics are better on Apple TV, is it worth getting the latest box or will the ‘minimum requirements’ do the same thing?

If graphics is your priority then you need to be looking at a PC or a Mac.
All phones only get the basic profile whereas you can get Ultra profile with the right graphics card on a PC/Mac.

Plus you’re not limited to the number of BT connections or lack of Ant+


Resolution is the only graphics setting you can change currently. The graphics profile which governs the level of detail you see is determined by Zwift based on your GPU and cannot be adjusted. Apple TV, phones, and tablets are all capped at 30fps and the lowest level of graphics detail (“Basic”). The Apple TV will offer sharper graphics for the HUD elements but otherwise it only gets 1080p right now regardless of your display. Many people are happy with Zwift on Apple TV for various reasons such as price, form factor, and background updates to the app. If you go that route I would get the latest model.

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you arent limited by those on phones either

Should have clarified that, I was using ATV as an alternative which again isn’t capable of it
Ultra profile.

Wish I knew this before spending so much on a high end phone as I’m not a big phone user (still on pay as you go) and only went down the phone route as I’ve needed a new phone for a few years and figured as I was going to be using it for zwift as well I’d go all out and get the best. Now looking into graphics cards as I already have a decent PC which I built myself few years ago but never bothered with graphics card because the inbuilt graphics on CPU have been sufficient for what I’ve used it for up till now. Just had a go at running zwift on it as is and my god its so much better even on 1080p!

Now looking into graphics cards thank you. Wish I new this all before spending so much on the phone =(

If you have access to Facebook, join this group and click on the Files tab for GPU advice

Good link from Paul.

Happy to advise further.

To be fair you’ll get the use out of your phone for many years just as a phone. And you can run the companion app on it for a more immersive experience.

Thank you, have submitted request to join

If you have any recommendations on GPU it would be highly appreciated. I’d like to run in 4k, the first link Paul sent had the GTX 1080 or higher listed for the ultimate settings but just watched YouTube video of zwift running 4k 60fps on a GTX 1660ti, also found a used GTX 1070 near me for £100 but not sure if thats enough for it to run smooth in 4k?

1070 will easily do 4k. Your CPU is more likely to be the frame rate limiter.

Pm sent. Be easier that way

PC has i5 8400 and 16GB RAM, do you think that’ll be enough?

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Think I’m being stupid - can’t see PMs anywhere on here?

I’ll let the others advise on graphics cards (I have zero knowledge of them!) But those should be fine

Hey Hannah!

Added datapoint: Bumping your resolution target down to 1440P instead of 4K makes the game run far more smoothly and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between that and 4k. That’s going to reduce the system hardware requirement by a lot. The link @Paul_Southworth posted above to the ZwiftInsider article is a good guide.

16GB is enough, as is your CPU. Per the linked article, 4th generation i3 CPUs are a good value pick for Zwift and yours is the same generation but faster an 8th generation so it’ll be faster. Framerate may drop in crowded areas but it’ll run. (edit to note you’ve got a newer CPU, thanks to @Chris_Holton )

One thing: make sure you have an SSD (solid state drive) not HDD (spinning media drive) - the latter will grind Zwift to a halt and SSDs are a cheap upgrade if you don’t have one already.

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Your phone isn’t a write off: the S23 is great hardware that’ll get OS updates for quite a while, and security updates from Samsung for many, many years after that. Buying a budget phone would have meant replacing it sooner. Another plus: you can run the Zwift Companion app on it quite well.

If you don’t have a handlebar mount already, are are a tonne of options. I made a post about my adventures in that area, here: Phone tray add-on for Tacx Tablet Bracket - #2 by Otto_Destruct

Another fun discussion that might give you some ideas: Pain-cave photos/equipment ideas

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I see you are getting the proper advice from the experts on Facebook. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Theirs is 8th gen and faster

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The performance increase between the entry level i3-4130 and the following generations is negligible.

It’s easy to assume that say a 6th gen would be markedly better than a 3rd. Nope.

It’s actually only really the 12th gen that have started to really offer substantial increases. Sure the lower down the generations the more you’re likely you get a little CPU bound. Makuri punishes most processors.

Video screenshots are likely to also tug away at your CPU.

My now dearly departed i3 paired with a GTX 1050 could average 50fps in non Makuri worlds.

Even in Makuri where it went sub 30fps it was hard to notice any distortion on screen. That said when bouncing up and down of a treadmill it’s hard to focus.

It’s all about a budget. A motherboard & 12th gen cpu only run in at around £150. Probably another 150 for a quality 2nd hand graphics card. Alternatively you can drop down generations and get something like a 6th gen complete PC for £50 & another 50 for a lower spec graphics card that’ll still offer the ultra profile with circa 60fps at 1440p.

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